Literary Festival HeadRead in Tallinn

I am looking forward to meeting the readers as well as author Viiu-Marie Fürstenberg again at the Literary Festival in Tallinn!  It will take place on the 26th of May at 1pm at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. Do come along if you’re nearby! 🙂

“The writer Viiu-Marie Fürstenberg (1983) and artist Maria Viidalepp (1984) will present their fresh and relevant book Mitte kaotada! Ühe tüdruku päevik (Do Not Lose! A Diary of A Girl, 2016), which is about a 12-year girl named Reena and her difficulties with fitting in at school. It is Fürstenberg’s fourth book, while Viidalepp has already gained recognition as a multi-talented painter, fashion designer, musician and film director. ” (by HeadRead)

Link to the Festival HeadRead page:

From the left: Author Viiu-Marie Fürstenberg, Publisher Tiina Tammer (Tammerraamat) & Artist Maria Viidalepp.


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