Exhibition “5 Years of Illustrations”, London 2018

The exhibition “5 Years of Illustrations” runs in London until the end of September 2018. Open every day from 9am to 5pm. All illustrations are framed and ready to hang at home, you can purchase them at the venue! Everyone’s welcome! Ring the bell to get in! At the cafe of the Swedish Church in London, 6 Harcourt Street, London GB-W1H 4AG.

Exhibition, 5 Years of Illustrations, Maria Viidalepp 2018


The London Book Fair, 10-12 APRIL 2018

Stand:​ 3D70
Address: Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London, W14 8UX
Tue 10th April 09:00 – 18:30
Wed 11th April 09:00 – 18:30
Thu 12th April 09:00 – 17:00

My great passion is the charm and mystery of hand painted illustration, blending and mixing traditional media. It thrills and challenges me to depict diverse characters of different ages in distinct situations and moods, often with a humorous touch. My publications so far have included storybooks, gift books and poetry.


Children’s poetry book by Viiu Härm, 2017

I will be presenting my new work for the children’s poetry book by Viiu Härm on the 18th of October at 1pm at the Estonian Children’s Literature Center in Tallinn! Look at the illustrations here: Pallimäng

Banner Facebook, Pallimäng


Näitus 33 SAMMU

8. cat.orange.flip8. cat.blueAvan 5. juulil 2017 kell 17.00 Õpetajate Maja galeriis näituse “33 Sammu”. Näitusel on dekoratiivpadjad minu  illustratsioonidega raamatule “Minu väga hea aasta” (Kaisi Kask, 2014).

Lisaks patjadele on võimalus tutvuda ka raamatuga ning soovi korral saab mõlemad kohapealt kaasa osta*. Näitus jääb avatuks kuni 31. juulini.

Kõik 33 illustratsiooni on tellimus Kaisi Kase inspiratsiooniraamatule “Minu väga hea aasta”, mis saavad dekoratiivpatjadena uue elu. Kollaazi ja pritsmetehnikas valminud kujundid patjadel on valminud erinevatele, enesevaatlust julgustavatele peatükkidele raamatus, mis kannavad sümboolset spirituaalset tähendust.

Näiteks seeria redelitega (redel, mis viib puu otsa, kuule või suisa tähtedele) tähistab meie eesmärke, ka neid kõige kõrgelennulisemaid ja kaugemaid ning tuletab meelde, et kõige tähtsam on teha esimene SAMM ning jätkata ronimist, SAMM SAMMU haaval – per aspera ad astra.

Maagiline number 33 on seotud minu vanusega, sest just see aasta on olnud mulle sprituaalses mõttes edasiviiv. See näitus on minupoolne kummardus neile, kelle tööks on inimeste vaimse tervise ja psüühilise tasakaaluga tegelemine. Kogedes ise professionaalset psühholoogilist tuge, nähes sõprade-tuttavate edusamme ja tervenemisi läbi erinevate programmide ja tugisüsteemide kui ka tunnistades tõrksust, skeptilisust, allaandmist ja valehäbi abi küsimisel, on antud teema minu jaoks hetkel väga olulisel kohal.

Näeme 5ndal juulil! Ootan pikisilmi!


Kuraator Jan Leo Grau
00372 5065354

* Patjade ja raamatu eest on võimalik tasuda vaid sularahas.

Literary Festival HeadRead in Tallinn

I am looking forward to meeting the readers as well as author Viiu-Marie Fürstenberg again at the Literary Festival in Tallinn!  It will take place on the 26th of May at 1pm at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. Do come along if you’re nearby! 🙂

“The writer Viiu-Marie Fürstenberg (1983) and artist Maria Viidalepp (1984) will present their fresh and relevant book Mitte kaotada! Ühe tüdruku päevik (Do Not Lose! A Diary of A Girl, 2016), which is about a 12-year girl named Reena and her difficulties with fitting in at school. It is Fürstenberg’s fourth book, while Viidalepp has already gained recognition as a multi-talented painter, fashion designer, musician and film director. ” (by HeadRead)

Link to the Festival HeadRead page: http://headread.ee/en/event/viiu-marie-furstenberg-ja/

From the left: Author Viiu-Marie Fürstenberg, Publisher Tiina Tammer (Tammerraamat) & Artist Maria Viidalepp.

A new teenage novel out now!

We are happy to announce that our new book is out and available for purchase! I am very grateful for the author Viiu-Marie Fürstenberg with whom I had a great time making this book. The story  is about a 12 year old girl and the changes that take place in her life. Among important life lessons and discoveries she also has her very first kiss! The book is perfect for teenagers studying a musical instrument and also for  parents understanding the complicated and fragile world of a young teenager.

Many thanks for the publisher Tammerraamat!
Buy the book here


A true treasure for publishers and art dealers!

I am happy to announce that I’m now officially acclaimed as an illustrator by having my 4-page presentation in between the heavy covers of “Illustrators vol.2”, published by Paper Cuts! All the 53 artists’ works (all together 453 illustrations) are really impressive and the author and designer Elina Kasesalu has done a magnificent work too! This bilingual (Estonian/English) book is a great source for publishers and art dealers all over the world! Well done everyone! 🙂

You can buy the book here: BUY

11385119_1601088660146122_812899451_n 11419108_941683319222240_1706530126_n neikaaned2.inddI Ruudus - Illustraatorid Vol 2 1200
Photos by: Elina Kasesalu, Paper Cuts


These are the boys who are partly the prototypes for two brothers from the book “Lendav kala” / “Flying Fish” by Viiu-Marie Rummo! They live in Paris but spend their summers in Estonia. A few years ago I was living together with these two boys in Paris learning all about the mechanism between two brothers. Here they are with the brand new book 🙂

Newly released children’s book!

On Valentine’s Day,  the14th of February 2015, there was a book launch for Viiu-Marie Rummo and my children’s book “Lendav kala” (“Flying Fish“) at Tallinn’s prestigious book store Rahva Raamat. Here are some of the photos from the event! 🙂